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Product management, delivery and distribution strategy

image-1How does GCP define products and users?

GCP's Strategic Framework (2007) requires a clear definition of GCP products, singling out products that guarantee useful returns on value-adding investments.The GCP Product delivery strategy (2005 defines products and users. A product is defined as any output from any research stage, designed to meet the demands of an identified set of users, who will in turn process the product for yet another set of users, all the way through the value chain to farmers and consumers. A 'user' is defined as anyone who uses a product developed by GCP.

Product management and product delivery are intrinsically related and both areas of work make the link in connecting upstream research and the deployment of research-based products that will have tangible impacts on agriculture.

All GCP projects are required to have a product delivery plan, crafted by project teams in close conjunction with GCP's Produce Delivery Leader.

Download the icon Product management, delivery and marketing: Concepts, evolution and perspectives (DRAFT, June 2007) (185.47 kB)