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GCP's sunset – Taskforce

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b-tf-members-squareThe Taskforce was constituted in June 2012 as part of a transition plan approved by the Executive Board at its meeting in March that year, and later endorsed by the Consortium Committee in April. The Taskforce comprised of representatives of the Executive Board, the GCP Consortium Committee, the CGIAR Consortium Office, and reinforced with external consultants. The role of the Taskforce was primarily to guide identifying the various research and service products over the Programme's 10-year lifespan, and the possibilities for their post-GCP positioning to assure continued availability, sustainability and impact.

Terms of reference

  • Guide, review and approve the process of identifying the various outputs and products of GCP’s work that are pertinent to the transition process.
  • Evaluate the Postion Papers to be prepared for the different GCP outputs and products, including assessing the post-GCP recommendations provided on each of the outputs and products by the GCP staff team and external advisors.
  • Review institutional options and alternatives that may be suggested to accommodate GCP activities that are proposed to continue after GCP’s closure that may not fit into existing arrangements. This would include advice on appropriate external expertise that may be required to realise these options.
  • Consider possible new and additional activities that could complement the 'homeless' activities mentioned above.
  • If appropriate and necessary, and in co-ordination with the GCP Director, participate in approaches to, and consultations with, stakeholders, funders and partners.
  • Keep the Executive Board and Consortium Committee informed, as appropriate, on deliberations and progress.


 Vivienne Anthony

Vivienne Anthony, Syngenta Foundation


Andrew Bennett, GCP Executive Board (EB) Chair


Stefania Grando, CGIAR Consoritum Office

Dave Hoisington

Dave Hoisington, GCP Consortium Committee Independent Chair/University of Georgia, USA

Jura w

Jurandir Magalhães, EMBRAPA


John O’Toole, Consultant


Markus Palenberg, EB member


Jean-Marcel Ribaut, GCP Director

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