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Are you from the media? Or looking for information that communicates our work in everyday, readily comprehensible, non-technical language?


If so, you're safely home. A warm welcome home from your fellow communicators!

The 'Newsroom' is highly recommended for a rapid run through the ABCs of GCP, including an onward link to a glossary for crypticterms you might have found (or will find) in our content. But we also have loads of other intersting stuff in everyday language through the links on this page (see right).


Prefer a visual experience? For that, we recommend this five-minute ISF video on plant breeding. It succinctly outlines the work needed and steps to take to develop a new plant variety, and the time and resources this requires.

If the social media and networking scene is your cup of tea, see our accounts at the very top and bottom of this page.We also have helpful Alt text to crack the more cryptic ones of these, so just mouse-hover and all will be deciphered.

Still can't find what you are looking for, or you prefer to reach us via email? Then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !