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Groundnuts, good news, genomics and God


Groundnuts A-in-A medWhat could possibly tie these four together? Find out from Part 4 of our video series on groundnuts, where Soraya Leal-Bertioli (EMPBRAPA, Brazil) says "...that hadn't happened for the last....God knows when!" She brings good news on dramatically rapid variety release to farmers: genomics-powered acceleration in groundnut breeding slashes the time between research to fortify groundnuts against disease and drought, and getting these improved varieties into the hands of farmers.

Split into four parts for easy viewing, topics covered include the role of wild groundnuts in improving its cultivated cousin; work done – and being done – in Africa, Asia, America and Europe; capacity building and how researchers benefit – and learn – from each other in this network, but also candid views on some of the drawbacks that come with cross-continental collaborations.

Hear about this, and more in this groundnut video series that in addition to Soraya also features Danial Foncéka (CIRAD, Senegal), David Bertioli (Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil), Jean-François Rami (CIRAD, France) and the project's leader, Vincent Vadez (ICRISAT).

You can also read about our groundnut research, as well as join our online community of groundnut researchers (IBP website).