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2010 annual report
Name:2010 annual report

Just as in previous years, and due to the effort of a broad and skilled network of partners, 2010 was a fruitful year. Numerous outputs were generated, several of them being now available for further distribution (an online product catalogue will be posted in early 2011). At the heart of activities conducted in 2010 were creating new diversity by developing recombination populations for main food cereals; developing new genetic resources for legumes – critically important for food quality in developing countries; improving GCP’s target crops1 for drought-prone environments; and developing analytical and decision tools as well as suitable infrastructure for efficient data management. 2010 also saw the release of several higher-yielding varieties through markerassisted selection. The relevance and quality of research is supported by the sizeable peer-reviewed publications (see Appendix D). The partnerships between advanced research institutes (ARIs), CGIAR Centres and country programmes have been further strengthened through the establishment of seven core Research Initiatives (RIs). Typically, the RIs bridge the gap between upstream and applied research. In addition, due to consistent and coordinated capacity development targeting both human capacity as well as infrastructure, partners from breeding programmes in the South are now increasingly leading GCP research activities. Consequently, over the coming years of the Programme, more than 40 percent of our funds will go directly to support partners in the global South.

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