Details for 2006 annual report and year four (2007) workplan

2006 annual report and year four (2007) workplan
Name:2006 annual report and year four (2007) workplan

It gives us great pleasure to present you with the Generation Challenge Programme 2006 Annual Report, which outlines our accomplishments over the past year. This year has been one of great success and change for the Generation Challenge Programme (GCP), and we are proud to inform you of these activities in the following report.

A major objective for the GCP is to help link ‘basic’ research with ‘applied’ science—to help make scientific innovations and new technologies relevant for resource-poor farmers, and to improve the access for scientists and researchers in the developing world to technologies that can make their work faster and more efficient. The GCP was intended to address the historical gap between bench scientists working on cutting-edge research in their high-tech labs and the plant breeders and resource-poor farmers that their research is supposed to help.

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