Details for 2007 annual report and year five (2008) workplan

2007 annual report and year five (2008) workplan
Name:2007 annual report and year five (2008) workplan

Without a doubt, 2007 was yet another exciting year, filled with significant scientific achievements and valuable products, all thanks to the skills and commitment of the GCP community. Through the year, our projects continued to mature, we expanded our network of partners, and we worked more closely with the plant breeding community.

Going by the standing of the journals in which most of the refereed papers published in 2007 appeared (see Appendix C), it is clear that GCP conducts high-quality science whose outputs are recognised by peers. In this fourth year of the Programme, we went beyond impact at the Subprogramme level, increasingly progressing along the GCP pipeline of activities and beginning to make real impacts on crop improvement. These range from characterising germplasm diversity to discover new alleles and identify genomic regions of interest, to developing markers for breeding programmes in developing countries to improve adapted germplasm. Breeding programmes are our bridge to reaching resource-poor farmers. As a result, projects initiated in 2007 clearly build on, and add value to, our previous work. This evolution is reflected in an expanded portfolio of projects in which genes, markers, traits and tools, from and for GCP research, are tested in drought-prone environments.

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