GCP Manual and Appendixes 2006 - Docs 30-68

icon DOC030. Communications Assistant Terms of Reference (30 kB)

icon DOC031. Executive Assistant Terms of Reference (27.5 kB)

icon DOC032. SPL selection process (40.3 kB)

icon DOC033. SPL Call for Applications (37 kB)

icon DOC034. Summary Report on the recruitment of the GCP director (23 kB)

icon DOC035. Drought Tolerance Initiative ConceptApr262005 (487.78 kB)

icon DOC036. Drought Tolerance Initiative MeetingSummaryMay032005 (134.65 kB)

icon DOC037. 2004 Competitive Grants Program Reviewer Guidelines (61 kB)

icon DOC041. PAC assessment of GCP Year 1 (32.53 kB)

icon DOC042. 2005-2007 MTP (356.9 kB)

icon DOC043. 2006-2008 MTP (620.32 kB)

icon DOC044. GCP Year 1 Workplan (529.54 kB)

icon DOC045. 2004 Competitive Grants Call for Proposals (132.5 kB)

icon DOC046. GCP 2004 Annual Report and Year 2 Workplan (1016.94 kB)

icon DOC048. 2004 Competitive Grants Review Panel (136 kB)

icon DOC049. 2004 Commissioned Research Process (24.24 kB)

icon DOC050. Commissioned Research Contract (189.5 kB)

icon DOC051. Competitive Grant Letter of Agreement (182.5 kB)

icon DOC052. IP Registry Template for GCP (76 kB)

icon DOC056. Letter to RF requesting that GCP administer grants (73 kB)

icon DOC058. Instructions to Commissioned Research Reviewers (23 kB)

icon DOC060. Press release announcing launch of GCP, Sept 2004 (164 kB)

icon DOC061. Press release NEW DIRECTOR, June 2005 (161 kB)

icon DOC067. EU Review Report (1.1 MB)

icon DOC068. EU Review Exec Summary (104 kB)