GCP Manual and Appendixes 2006 - Docs 69-106

icon DOC069. EU Review GCP Response (62 kB)

icon DOC077. GCP Director Response to SC Comments on 2005-2007 MTP (58 kB)

icon DOC082. Linkage with Harvest Plus-email from R. Zeigler (28.5 kB)

icon DOC083. Payment Instructions form for consortium members (for disbursing funds directly to partners) (30 kB)

icon DOC084. PSC Minutes of the 2005 PSC (237 kB)

icon DOC085. GCP Humanitarian Use Agreement (33 kB)

icon DOC086. GCP Statement on the Use of Transgenics-9 Nov 2005 (22 kB)

icon DOC087. Draft GCP strategy-3 July 2006 (145.5 kB)

icon DOC088. Draft GCP Strategy-14 June 2006 (262.5 kB)

icon DOC089. Press Release P. Monneveux SP3 Leader (27.5 kB)

icon DOC091. SHC Minutes-Nov 2005 (204.5 kB)

icon DOC092. PSC Management Task Force TOR and recommendations (26.5 kB)

icon DOC093. SP3 Leader TOR and Selection Process-2006 (39.5 kB)

icon DOC094. Generation Challenge Programme eNewsletters (220.5 kB)

icon DOC095. SP3 Leader Job Announcement-2006 (44 kB)

icon DOC097. TOR for Project Officer (23.5 kB)

icon DOC098. GCP 2007-2009 MTP-text (197.01 kB)

icon DOC099. GCP 2007-2009 MTP-Logframe (65.11 kB)

icon DOC100. 2005 Annual Report and Year Three Workplan (587.74 kB)

icon DOC101. 2006 Call for Competitive Grants (175.5 kB)

icon DOC102. 2005 SIDA report (36 kB)

icon DOC103. 2005 SIDA report-financials (147.32 kB)

icon DOC104. MOU Global Crop Trust-GCP (58 kB)

icon DOC105. PROVISIONAL MEMBER welcome letter (154.5 kB)

icon DOC106. 2004 EC proposal (67.5 kB)