GCP Manual and Appendixes 2006 - Docs 103-138

icon DOC107. 2005 EC proposal (145 kB)

icon DOC108. 2004 EC report (190 kB)

icon DOC109. 2006 EC proposal (134 kB)

icon DOC113. TOR for PSC Task Force on Governance (34.5 kB)

icon DOC114. GCP Delivery Strategy-November 2005 (93.13 kB)

icon DOC115. Communications Strategy - Oct 2004 (58 kB)

icon DOC116. Communications Manager TOR-Jan 2006 (32.5 kB)

icon DOC117. Site Visit Objectives and Outputs (22 kB)

icon DOC118. Site Visit Instructions to the Management Team (30 kB)

icon DOC119. Site Visit Letter (25 kB)

icon DOC120. Review and Advisory Panel TOR and Members-June 2006 (28 kB)

icon DOC121. 2006 Selected Preproposals (22.29 kB)

icon DOC122. 2005 Research Highlights (1.92 MB)

icon DOC123. ExCo July 2006 report (487 kB)

icon DOC124 Standard Terms and Conditions (52 kB)

icon DOC125. Full Subcontract (102.5 kB)

icon DOC126. GCP?s Subcontracting Policy (37.5 kB)

icon DOC127. Subsistence Use Agreement (43.38 kB)

icon DOC128. Gates Foundation Proposal Format (177 kB)

icon DOC129. Improving Tropical Legume Productivity for Marginal Environments in Sub-Saharan Africa (549.5 kB)

icon DOC130. Project Technical Udate Report Template (30.5 kB)

icon DOC131. 2004 Progress Report for ExCo (62 kB)

icon DOC132. Template for ExCo CP Annual Report (35.5 kB)

icon DOC133. Annual & Final Technical Report Template (29 kB)

icon DOC134. MTP 2007-2009 Guidelines (124.08 kB)

icon DOC136. Annual & Final Technical Report Template (31.5 kB)

icon DOC137. Internal Audit TOR (142 kB)

icon DOC138. Letter to John Ochanda re BECA (83.42 kB)